Looking for a Railroad Contractor?                            Railroad Construction Equipment - Southern National Track's Mark IV Tamper

Southern National Track can expertly perform any type of railroad related construction, repair and maintenance.   This includes railroad switches, railroad crossings, and crane rail work.  We use state of the art track production surfacing equipment to create or adjust all types of track geometry scenarios.  SNT is one of the southeast's finest railroad contractors, offering efficient railroad construction and railroad track repair of new and rehabilitative track projects including:

  • Welded rail
  • Wood, steel, concrete ties
  • Concrete continuous pour slab track
  • Production track surfacing
  • All types of track & crane rail maintenance service
  • Serving AL, GA, FL, LA, MS, SC, TX

Need Railroad Track Repairs or Maintenance?

SNT offers transit and contact rail construction and repair.  We perform all types of railroad and industrial track maintenance, including road crossings, industrial repaving, Crossing Signalization and maintenance.  We also offer 24-hr emergency service and car re-railing capabilities.  If you need to construct track or perform track maintenance, SNT is the rail construction and track repair contractor you need to call.

Customer Sampling

  •  Amtrak
  • Jacksonville Port
  • Port/ West Palm Beach
  • Seminole Power
  • Port of Miami
  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Progress Energy
  • LaFarge
  • Rinker/ Titan Materials
  • NASA - Kennedy Space Center
  • Indiantown Power Company
  • Mosaic - South Pasture Mine
  • Georgia Shipping Ports (4)
  • Florida Rock/ Vulcan Materials
  • PCS Phosphates Mine
  • Miami/ Dade County
  • Florida Seminole Gulf RR
  • Tropicana
  • Community Asphalt
  • Ranger Construction
  • Codina Construction
  • and many more...

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As a railroad track construction contractor, SNT is a proud member of the National Railroad Contractors Association  and the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance Association.

Southern National Track is also proud to be a Small Business Enterprise.

Our three primary track managers have OVER 150 YEARS of Track Construction Experience; much of that on Class 1 Railroad Projects.  We are experienced at constructing every conceivable type of railroad track project and most related facilities.  SNT is licensed and bonded throughout the southeastern US for track construction.  

OVERVIEW:  Download Southern National Track Services Overview Brochure here.

CAPABILITIES:  Download Southern National Track Capabilities Statement here.

NAICS CODES:  Primary - 237990, 238910, 327390, 331110, 336510, 423990, 488210

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